Courage and Compassion: Portraits and Stories of BC Healthcare Heroes  

Shannon Holms
February 15 - 20, 2022

Story behind the Exhibition

When the first wave of COVID 19 hit, Shannon Holms wanted to help people but wasn’t sure what she could contribute as an artist. A conversation with her niece, an intensive care unit nurse, encouraged her to move ahead with her idea to paint the portraits of those healthcare workers on the frontlines caring for patients with Covid.


Each participating healthcare worker was interviewed individually, resulting in a series of short stories outlining lived experiences during the first wave of the pandemic.  The stories are compelling, sad, sometimes funny and provide a visceral experience of what those early days were like for these frontline workers. Many local Victorian healthcare workers are represented in this show; each was offered a free image of their respective portrait in return for taking part in this effort. The portraits and their respective stories are the artist’s gift to the healthcare workforce.


Community Engagement

As part of this exhibition and in line with our commitment to community outreach at the Gage, we invite those stopping by the gallery during this show, to identify their own personal hero, along with the reason(s) for your choice, and to write this on a supplied sticky note, along with your contact information. Out of these submissions, one will be chosen and Shannon Holms will paint a portrait of your hero as a gift to you. 


Courage and Compassion;   BC Healthcare Heroes is the first show in a three week period showcasing Gage gallery initiatives dedicated to community engagement. 


We can’t wait to see you at the gallery.