Minding this Human Life

Minding This Human Life features twenty-four works of abstract art in acrylic and collage. These works carry chance echoes of this human experience, indirectly translating lived moments through abstraction and the process of artmaking. I hope it tells a story of inner life and leads viewers to discover humour, wonder, and inspiration.

My work is an exploration into the artmaking process and materials, allowing the paintings to reveal surprise elements, symbols, and interesting forms. I no longer set out to paint a topic or a theme, although I used to take that approach at the beginning of my almost four-decade career in art. Now, I simply start with the intention to explore. The expression of life experiences comes through without effort or planning.

After I started incorporating meditation as a significant facet of my life, I learned that mindfulness is an essential part of art practice. Mindfulness meditation practice influences all aspects of my life, including painting. It’s present in the process of making art, and I see its influence when it comes to naming the work. This imperfect human is not always mindful, but when I am, I’m the happiest.