YOUNG, Arabella

Arabella Young is a contemporary fine artist, currently living and working in Sidney, BC, traditional WSANEC territory. Arabella grew up on the North Shore of Vancouver, BC, where she hiked with her family through the beautiful forests, skied in the mountains, and swam in the ocean. As a first-generation Canadian of mixed race, the culturally diverse and artistically nurturing environment of her childhood home encouraged her own creativity and personal expression. Arabella’s artwork has an expressionist feel, as she uses bright hues and bold strokes to capture the emotion she experiences within the natural environment. Arabella studied Fine Arts at the Emily Carr University in Vancouver, BC. She then studied Interior Design at BCIT, where she learned to draft both by hand and computer. Arabella currently works in various mediums including watercolours, charcoal, acrylic, and oils.
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