I am inspired by life experiences like witnessing the birth of my grand niece and nephew. How could this not infuse my art. Muse and the quietening of my excitable nature comes from books, walking along the waterfront, cycling, music and ballroom dancing. The bouncing fun of the jive, love hate tug of the tango or the glide of the foxtrot paired with the antics of the birds out my window triggers my imagination in search of the next metaphor. Like a director of a play I set my birds, objects and musical scores frolicking with whimsy, wonderment and mystery resulting in fanciful or odd notions all filtered through the lens of my Christian faith.


‘Working in a series’ approach, like variations on a theme in music, affords me opportunity to stay with an idea, settle into and develop images one leading to another and the next. It is the mining of an inspiration, a theme and a subject.


My love affair with the immediacy of soft pastel as I caress my surfaces has been deeply engaging for years. More recently in response to my experiences with birth and death I have been nudged into an exploration of mixed media adding to pastel acrylic, watercolour, collage elements from my sheet music collection and objects all on wood cradle panels.

I graduated with a 4 year Diploma from Victoria College of Art

in 1997. Since then I have exhibited and taught art to children and adults. When not working on my gallery and exhibiting pieces I love to facilitate others to create art.

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