Liz Aileen Saunders is a Canadian visual artist working primarily in painting and sculpture. Having attended Emily Carr University with the intention of pursuing painting alone, struggles with chronic pain had her shift away from painting in her second year. She continued her education, exploring a mix of subjects including digital sound and creative electronics before rooting herself in sculpture for the remainder of her time at Emily Carr. After graduating from the BFA program in 2017, she went on to teach painting in Vancouver, while pursuing her love of found-object sculpture; collecting, repurposing and altering found objects while participating in an array of group exhibitions along the West Coast. Having moved to Victoria at the start of 2023, the natural environment and agreeable weather here inspired her to revisit painting, with plein air excursions recalling her childhood surrounded by nature in North Vancouver. Subsequently, she joined the Gage Gallery to further her focus on community building while exploring the playful, childlike joy of line and colour engaged in her recent work.

Instagram: @lizaileenart and @lizsaunder

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