PETTIT, Joanna

Gage Gallery Board Member

Joanna grew up in Vancouver, studied art at UBC, and became an art teacher before moving to Victoria  where she has lived most of her adult life. She has worked in papier maché, done hand building in clay, explored printmaking, drawing and painting over the years. It was only after retirement about ten years ago that she returned to her art practice with intent. Most recently Joanna was a member part of Bill Porteous’s Wednesday Abstract Art Group. Her work has been shown in juried group shows in Victoria and in galleries here and Calgary.


My current interest is in abstract painting and exploring the interplay of colour and form that evolve as the painting progresses. I work in acrylic using a variety of tools to apply the paint, and at times adding other media like torn paper, pencil, or pastels. I work intuitively, moving between the push and pull of structure and playfulness, always with the goal of evoking a mood or a feeling.

Artist's work