OSBERG, Martin

I started painting 29 years ago, when my daughter began the art careers program in high school, thinking that it might be something that we could do together. At the time, I had no idea how significant art-making would become in my life. I enjoy everything about painting; studying it, looking at it, reading about it, talking about it, doing it, the feel of it, the focus of it, the surprise and thrill of it and decorating my home with the results of it. I’ve been known to photograph my palette after a painting session because the abstract arrangement of colours is just so attractive to me.

I paint mostly landscapes, wetlands, seascapes and cloudscapes, because nature provides inspiration without limit. Recently, I’ve taken to painting architectural scenes – I’m very attracted to the interesting and beautiful arrangements of geometric shapes, weathered colours and hard-edged shadows that develop over long periods of time in old towns, with no overarching plan guiding the process. They are like large-scale compositions created through generations of uncoordinated human action offered up for free to anyone who wishes to notice.

I paint scenes to share the beauty of a particular location. These are places that have a quality that stops me in my tracks and puts me in a reflective mood. My goal for every painting is to paint it so well that anybody who sees it wants to be there, too.

Email: martin.osberg@gmail.com
Instagram: @martin.osberg.paintings

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