Ever since my introduction to a darkroom during my BFA at Queens University, I have been interested in the incorporation of photographic images into painting, printmaking, and sculpture. At various times I’ve worked with watercolour, collage, photocopies, oil and acrylic as well as non-silver photographic techniques to modify the apparent perfection of photographs with more of the human hand.

Recently I’ve been developing the digital skills that allow me to transform photographic captures with the sense of paint, line, silkscreen and more. My photos are quite eclectic, and thus the resulting work is more subconsciously than consciously driven. One day I might be intrigued by a landscape and the next by shadows on pavement. Sometimes a photo that drives the final product might sit in files for several years before transformation.

My work is professionally printed on a variety of mediums from Fine Art paper, photographic paper, canvas, dibond or bamboo mounts. Because I have limited space most images begin as a print on 16 x20 Fine Art paper. From there the medium and size can be adjusted to suit the buyer, image, and display location.

My photographic influences come from my membership in the Victoria Camera Club with special delight from the Creative Special Interest Group. I assist with the club’s Close Up Magazine. I look forward to absorbing more painterly influences from the Gage Gallery.

Over the past 10 years I have exhibited at the Sidney and Sooke Fine Arts shows as well as with the Metchosin ArtPod. My work is frequently on display at The New Photographer’s Gallery on Beacon Avenue in Sidney.




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