I moved from Ontario to Victoria in 2001. My career as an artist ignited when I was introduced to an art medium that excited me and stirred my imagination.
Healing from grief and loss is at the heart of my body of work. We all experience loss; it is an inevitable part of life. Inspired by the tragic loss of family members, principally my son, getting lost in the creative process has become an important part of my healing journey. Working with molten beeswax from the creation of my own medium to creating multiple layers and including found treasures to exploring new techniques and materials has completely captured my heart.

I endeavour to communicate emotion with the symbolism of water, shades of blue and green and the depth created by multiple clear layers of the molten beeswax medium. My body of work includes several techniques and materials from photo encaustics to shellac burns to incorporating water soluble encaustic medium. Constantly learning and exploring new ideas, being inspired by the beauty here on the island and in my travels, I am open to all the opportunities that being part of the art community as brought my way.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Picasso

Website: http://www.lyndalombardiartist.com
Instagram: @lyndalombardiart and @lombardi.lyn

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