LAW, Donna Rose

Donna is a representational artist whose main focus is nature. Even as a child, living in North Western Ontario, she remembers being captivated by the images of scraggy jack pines against the northern sky. She has lived most of her adult life here in BC and the last thirty years in Victoria. She loves the natural beauty of the island and loves to spend time outdoors hiking, sketching and taking photographs .Along with her degrees in Psychology and Education, she studied fine arts at the Victoria College of Art and at the University of Victoria.  After a break of several years, she is reconnecting with her passion for painting. 

Working in both acrylic and oils she is inspired by nature’s design and seeks to capture its simplicity and beauty, using bold, vibrant colours. Light and dark play a large part in her work. She loves emphasizing how light lands on a blossom, a branch, a face and using shadows to enhance the light and create interesting textures on the canvas.  One of her greatest joys is discovering beauty in unexpected places and in commonly considered insignificant details. Her passion is to share that beauty with others.

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