MJ Hughes has spent 30 years working as a curator in public galleries across the country. In recent years she has focussed her time on exploring her own painting practice in her studio high up on a cliff above Montague Harbour, Galiano Island (Floating Island Studios). She splits her time between Galiano and Victoria, BC.

Through painting I pay homage to the spectacular environment of the Gulf Islands and B.C. Coast. The viscosity of oil paint allows me to construct, through texture and colour, the vision I want to communicate and the gratitude I feel for being able to bear witness to the natural beauty around me.”

I am also fascinated with human-made structures as evidence of the stories about the people who built and inhabited them. I am drawn to the melancholy inherent in this architecture that was carefully conceived of and made functional, but that is now falling into disrepair and reclaimed by nature. Through these subjects, my own heartbreak finds visual representation yet at the same time I recognize hope through renewal.”

instagram: @floating_islands_studio

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