June Higgins is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Victoria. In addition to creating paintings, she enjoys making sculptures from unusual materials, large format paper works, and playing with clay. June’s art work is non-representational and ambiguous in its subject matter, allowing the viewer to define their own story. 

Her intricately detailed paintings feature layered ornamental patterns that reference nostalgia and memory. Placement, scale, repetition, fragmentation and colour are all carefully considered in the process of making each one. June is fascinated by the fact that the urge to ornament is found in every society and culture, even in pre-historical times, making it an inherent human type of impulse – like language or counting.

June received her Diploma of Fine Arts from the Vancouver Island School of Art and her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honors) from the University of Gloucestershire, England. Her work has been shown in galleries in England and the Greater Victoria area, and is found in personal collections in Canada and England.

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