Born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Edmondson arrived in Toronto in early adulthood and later in life studied Material Art and Design, Fibre at the Ontario College of Art and Design. For the past two decades, she has participated in many solo and group shows across Canada and abroad. She is a member of the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild and, since moving to Victoria in 2015, has been a member of the Gage Gallery Arts Collective since 2016.

Edmondson collects nature’s treasures and ephemera from different places and combines these with her hand dyed/printed paper or cloth. Stories are conveyed through a variety of media: installation, sculpture, wall hanging, photography, assemblage, fibre art and artists books.

website: www.artopenings.ca/martina-edmondson-2020.html

Photo courtesy by Kate Cino/Art Openings.ca”

Artist's work