I recently moved back to Victoria (via Calgary) from London, UK, where I lived and worked for 30+ years – first as a theatrical propmaker and then as teaching artist at Dulwich Picture Gallery in south London. My practice, like my career, is quite varied, as I like to move between different media on paper, using oil pastel, charcoal, ink, or watercolour, to suit the mood of my composition.

I’m endlessly fascinated with trees, and more recently mountains and views from the road, explored during the 2 “covid years” I spent in Alberta: hiking and skiing in the mountains, driving out into the countryside to look at the prairie, quiet walks in the snow along the Bow River. The enforced solitude emerges in the works, along with the need to escape the confines of home and wander out into the world.

A similar energy exists in my London-based works, made from imagery gathered while cycling through parks and along riverine verges, choosing views that offer an escape from the pace of the hectic city— waysides of tangled wildflowers and grasses, views of the flowing waters of the Thames, individual plants and grasses plucked to make cyanotypes and drawings in ink.


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