BUB, Tanya

Every piece of driftwood contains the unique and secret story of its origins and journey in its curves, colors and contours. The found-wood in these portraits, some of which comes from trees that lived to be hundreds of years old, made its way from various parts of the world finally coming to rest on the rugged shores of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Being aggregates of such driftwood, each portrait derives beauty and character from the varied histories of its parts; their humanity arising from the complex migrations and diverse beginnings of the elements of which they are comprised. These portraits invite the viewer to consider that where we come from and what we experience along the way contributes to our individuality.

The undeniable uniqueness that stems from the difference in our roots and the paths we follow is in fact a powerful common thread that binds us together and makes us distinctively human.

Tanya Bub lives and works near the ocean in Victoria, BC.

website: tanyabub.myportfolio.com
instagram: @victoriadrifter 

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