BOYD, Anita

I paint abstracts with strong calligraphic influences because I was seduced by lines and colours and space in a previous life. A career in the practical world did not prevent me from erupting into artistic expression at regular intervals. I now devote myself wholeheartedly to producing vibrant abstract paintings with those calligraphic markings showing up sooner or later. I have been fortunate to meet and study with calligraphic masters and profound artists. I have been seduced by the sea in Ireland and in Sidney. And by clouds everywhere.

I began a committed study of art-making in 1997. For the first thirteen years, I studied materials, tools, and techniques with a number of artists in various disciplines, focusing particularly on landscape painting and then, western calligraphy. Beginning in 2010, I met three teachers who cumulatively launched me past predictable, unoriginal forms into increasingly abstract work, deeply connected to evolving consciousness. Along the way, I was influenced by masters of fluidity and enabled by two mentors.

I now paint as an explorer. I appreciate the Gage Gallery ethos and community of engaged artists around whom all things are possible.

I am based in Sidney, BC

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